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- Community Fire -

People have gathered around the fire since the beginning of time. Come and connect with others who are longing for safety to speak from the heart. Each month, around the world, people gather together in the presence of Fire to engage in one of humanity's oldest traditions.

Overseen by initiated Firekeepers who receive continuing education and training in how to hold sacred space, Community Fires are created and sustained by all who are present. The spontaneity and inspiration that arises at Fires give birth to personal and group transformation that benefit the community and our world.

The Sacred Fire Community is a global network of people bringing a sense of the sacred back into our world. Operating locally, through gatherings in the presence of Fire, we learn, grow and open to the Great Mystery in which we all participate. 


- Why Fire? -

- Why Fire Now? -

The element of Fire is the essence of our hearts, the source of spiritual connection and compassion. Acknowledged throughout humanity's history, fire holds our deepest knowing and wisdom, and awakens our personal relationship with divine.


In these times of uncertainty and rapid change, it is common to feel increasingly disconnected from ourselves, each other and the world. As the energy of transformation, fire is a primordial healing presence in our lives. In the natural world, fire burns away deadwood and decay, allowing forests to be reborn into lushness. Likewise, our hearts long to burn away fear and worn out patterns, allowing us a fresh start in rebuilding life sustaining connections.

Has a spark been ignited?

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Would you love to join us around the Fire?

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"Sitting around the fire, in any context, moves people in a strong way as it connects us with the many generations of our ancestors who gathered around the fire to talk about the events of the day, their dreaming, their relationships with each other. Fire, with the dance of the flame and the curl of the smoke, with its warmth and light, has a certain mesmerizing effect that naturally relaxes us and opens us up.


But when the fire is consecrated, something else comes into play. It becomes a Sacred Fire, a place of healing, of heart-centre connection where emotions can arise and move freely among us, where we can begin to recognize the deep connection we have to each other and to the living world. The healing is as subtle as the smoke curling up, clinging to our clothes and skin, touching something in us that, perhaps, cannot be named.


The Sacred Fire is humanity's primary spiritual connection, an element of transformation that is essential to our well-being, to our remembering who we are and how we are dependent on and obligated to each other and everything that lives.


So, as we gather around the fire, as the warmth and the dancing light and curling smoke works on us, as we share our lives together--with laughter and solemnity, with simplicity and listening--we begin to know that the we are not alone, that the world is a vast complex of interrelationship to which we belong."

 - Jonathan Merritt, Firekeeper, Portland, Oregon

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