Initiated under the guidance of Traditional Elders, I practice
Distant Healing and Plant Spirit Medicine. 

As a workshop facilitator and writer of my communications with Nature, I am
dedicated to raising awareness of, and connection to, 

- Meet Dawn Rafferty -

I live in Athenry, medieval walled town, Co. Galway, Ireland. I completed my training

with Eliot Cowan in 2004 and have been a practicing Plant Spirit Medicine Healer

since that time. As a child, I had a deeply loving relationship with nature. When I

began to realise there was something ‘unusual’ about speaking to and hearing

nature, I closed off that part of myself. Then on a sunny summer morning in 2001,

I woke up with an urgent need to go into nature and commune with the flowers –

something which I thought sane people did not do.

Never-the-less, the feeling was so profound, I simply knew that surrendering to it

may change my life forever. I got lost in time with some tiny white and yellow

flowers that day. They opened my eyes to innocent childhood memories of the love

I shared with nature. Checking my flower identification book that evening, I found

my new little friend was Eyebright. Before long, wanting to discover whether there

were others who felt like me, people who might also sense the natural world’s divine love and constant communion with us all, the reply came from nature to seek out a plant spirit teacher. Imagine my joy when I was handed Eliot Cowan’s book Plant Spirit Medicine the very next morning.


My short search was over.


Not only did Eliot Cowan share my deep reverence and love of nature and the elements, he went as far as to say that the natural world is aware and wise, and that to be in a balanced relationship with the natural world, we must know and respect its sacredness. I was so excited at the simplicity and ease with which I found a respected senior shaman from an unbroken indigenous tradition, and yet someone who was also at home in the western world.

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