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- Distance  Healing -

Thank you for your interest in my way with Distance Healing work.


I am humbly honoured to help people from around the world with their health concerns; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I practice this work within the cradle of my life-long heart and soul’s relationship with the Divine Natural Energies of Ireland, in particular the land of my childhood and the Burren, Co. Clare. These Ancient Energies permeate this land in every twig, tree and bush, every pebble, rock and mountain, her rolling hills and wild flowers, her caves, wells and waters, and her temperate, fragrant aura.


Out of necessity I lived my childhood absorbed in the natural world. From the solace inherent in nature and the cycle of the seasons I experienced unconditional love, stability and dependability. I learned strength, trust and patience. That shy little girl and the land who held her, made me who I am today. 


Under council of my Elders I undertook a many-years-long and sometimes arduous path of intense self-exploration and healing, training and preparation. My patient commitment in responding to this Call of my Soul culminated in a successful initiation. In the final stage of my initiatory process a sacred doorway opened granting me the grace to be a conduit and awe-filled witness to this profound Distance Healing. 


I do not aspire to attempting to rein in or fathom this ineffable and humbling gift I have been granted to bring into realization for the people of Beautiful Earth as One Tribe. The Tribe of Earthlings. 


 - What kinds of conditions can Distance Healing address? - 


We are more than our symptoms and diagnoses. Physical illness as well as stress and trauma, anxiety or overwhelm can affect our peace and joy. We may feel spiritually disconnected or stuck in our capacity to realise and live our life’s purpose.  Distance Healing takes the whole person into account - body, mind, spirit and soul - and affects healing on many layers and dimensions at the same time.

Our souls can feel shattered by eons of conquests and conquerors, by genetically and socially handed down beliefs about reality. This can cause us to carry shock and confusion for countless generations of our blood lines. Distance Healing can address cellular memories or vibrations, the foot print, the echo; of monstrosities witnessed, endured and committed since the separation from our Aware Ancestral Way of living in balance and harmony with all life.

Appointments are determined by each person’s needs – maybe every one or two weeks at the beginning, then intermittently as needs arise. A single session may be sufficient to resolve your issue. It is best if you can organise yourself to have a quiet time for a while after a treatment.

Exchange: €60

To book an appointment please contact Dawn.

I also offer Plant Spirit Medicine treatments. For more information please click here.


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