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Guided Burren Experience

-                                        -

I invite you to join me treading in awareness within the magic and mystery of the wild Burren.

We will walk, talk, sit and lay, experiencing a deepening relationship with the soul of the land, connecting with the generosity of the Plant Spirits and other Natural Divine Expressions that may want to verbally or silently transmit their mysterious teaching, healing and realigning capacities.


Nature does not see us as being separate from the world we live in – the way we have come to.



Beannachtaí na háite speisialta seo duit –

 Blessings of this special place to you.

Watercolor Plants
Watercolor Plants

Thank you for sharing the sacred Burren and your time with us. We both found it deeply moving.  Our time with you really helped set the stage for the rest of our trip and I’m so glad we took your advice to meet with you early in our visit. "

- Arielle and Eric Tusing, Virginia, USA

"Since a very young age I have felt a deep sense of connection with the natural world and felt at home with the rocks, plants, animal and insect kingdoms. But being on the land with Dawn, it’s as if another dimension opens up and comes alive.  It is a unique and most exceptionally special experience."

- Sarah Louise Addison, England

" I felt as though Dawn gave me a back-stage pass, transforming a mundane visitor excursion into a magical, I-will-never-forget experience.

When we arrived on the land, I felt Dawn was greeting her family and the Burren greeting her back. I witnessed a rarity of seeing a person so completely at home in nature that my own mind became quiet. She seamlessly brought me into this experience.

She has a deep understanding and love for this very special place and the gift  to welcome others into experiencing its sacredness. Her presence was the laughter in nature that I felt coming from everywhere in the Burren. " 

- Tali Horn, North Carolina, USA

"The Wild Tribe of Eire’s gift is so alive in me. Thank you for bringing me to them."

- Franzie Talley, Asheville, USA

Guided Burren Experience Testimonials 

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