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- Plant Spirit Medicine -


Plant Spirit Medicine is an ancient form of spiritual healing with local wild plants that has largely been forgotten with the progress of the western world. All cultures who are still living in their age old traditions, continue to practice different variations of Plant Spirit Medicine to heal and hold balance in their people. The energy or ‘spirit’ of the plant works its extraordinary healing, rather than the physical parts of the plant. The result is a transformational yet gentle form of healing in spirit, mind and body.

Mother Nature is constantly giving, if only we open our hearts and our senses to her. I work with local wild plants living effortlessly in balance and harmony. My job as a PSM healer is to make myself available, a conduit, a bridge between the Plant Spirits and the client.

Our ancient ancestors lived their lives in harmony and balance with Nature. They had no illusion of separation from Nature. This deeply effective medicine restores us to this state of grace, which is our birth-right.

- What Conditions can Plant Spirit Medicine Address? - 

Plant Spirit Medicine brings healing to the underlying cause, the root, of the client's physical, spiritual or emotional concerns. When this balance improves, the symptoms of physical conditions also improve. This is where sustained healing begins. Medicine for the body cannot heal a broken or suppressed spirit, but medicine for the spirit brings improvements throughout. Physical pain is a message from the body that something is wrong. Similarly, an excess or lack of any emotions, indicate that something is out of balance in the seasons of the spirit.


Every day is a microcosm of a year; morning like Spring, night like Winter. Sometimes this inner cycle does not flow freely, so we may find it hard to get going in the morning or in life. Or we may have trouble sleeping peacefully at night. Joy, fulfilment and a sense of connectedness may elude us. We may feel unsupported and become resigned, over dependant or obsessive. Grief may overwhelm us until we are unable to move on. Fear or despair may dominate our life. Anger and resentment may consume us and damage our relationships.


Plants live harmoniously throughout this cycle of seasonal energy, both annually and daily. That is why they can help us repair at the elemental level.


Burren Orchid.jpg

During and after a session the client usually feels quite relaxed. It is good if you can organise yourself to have a quiet time for a while after a treatment.  Treatments are usually timed weekly at first and then will become more spread out depending on individual needs.


Exchange: €60 per session

To book an appointment please contact Dawn.


I also practice Distance Healing. For more information, please click here.

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