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Prayers, Poems
and Teachings

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It is my delight to share with you, a few excerpts of prayers, poems and teachings from the wild places - the Burren in particular.

It is my life’s passion to hear what the natural world wants me to hear for myself and my fellow earthlings. Without fulfilling this gracious gift I would wither and die little deaths. Nature has kept me from withering my entire life. 

She is my inner blooming.                                                                                     

…When mind is trying to win control, life is instantly more hurried, serious and confused. It is more bland and empty, mundane and oh so mediocre. Like a rainbow without colours, like a meadow on a faded page.

Whereas when Heart is acknowledged, the air is fragrant and full of song, the breeze caresses faces.

The world is a divine breathing entity holding us, caring for us, loving us deeply and seeing into the depths of our loves and longings. She is speaking constantly, consistently, the wisdom of the ages in words and expressions mind is not ever going to connect to.

Beautiful Earth speaks in the language of Heart and Soul, a universal language. A language felt and acknowledged moment by moment.

A language understood by all except mind…

Flower Arrangement 4
Watercolor Plants
Watercolor Plants


Peace of the nervous system is needed.

The key is to be found in noticing and immersing in the breeze, rains, sunshine, garden, grass – whatever is readily at hand for my children. This is where you will all find me, breathing peace and connection and inner wisdom. Letting go the unnecessary and unhealthy thoughts. Coming back to the relevance of what you will fill this moment with.

You as a people are in dire need of focusing on how to colour and fill this moment.

Moving towards peace, tranquillity, honesty and joy


Moving towards conflict, disarray, blame, separation, fear, depression, hopelessness.

Mother understands mind’s tendencies and the volume of mind’s words. Mind is not designed to choose peace. Heart brings peace of mind. Listening, giving time to use your moment in a way that is best for you, is Heart’s influence on mind’s incessant stories and scenarios.

Heart is the answer. Awareness in the Natural World is the answer. Sitting around and with fire is the answer. It’s so basic.

Mind wants something more distracting – like bargains and presents.

Heart does not deviate from this moment’s depth of awareness and connection.

This is where you will find Me your Mother.

Flower Arrangement 1

Wild Flowers

Please take me into your very essence that I may be pure as you,

that I may be steadfast as you, that I may in innocence bloom,

that I may always face the sun beaming life and hope.

Trusting the cycle of night and light. Trusting the cycle of my seasons.

Bursting forth and resting, rejuvenating.

Then blooming effortlessly in harmony with time and space.

Not trying to be like anyone else.

Not trying to reach taller than I am.

Not taking over and not shrinking back.

Beautiful, placid, rooted in mother, breathing god’s air.

At peace, at One.

Flower Arrangement 6

What would you wild flowers like us to do at this time?


Talk to us. We urge you to spend some time in awareness with us every day for those who can do this with ease. Come to us to listen, to receive.

It will be beneficial and healing to your hearts and your minds.

It will help to adjust your tight areas, your restricted bits.

It will help you to relax heart’s quiet listening (to divine) to come through.

Remember, when you slot in time for awareness in Nature you can move forward in your unique way by quietly receiving the wisdom and guiding whispers of heart. Remember the seen and un-seen ripple effect in all your thoughts and doings.

Open your hearts to us and love us. Simply put, that is all we require.

Flower Arrangement 4

Beautiful Mother

How could I separate from your waters in my veins?

How could I separate from your sky in my lungs?

Could I separate from your bounty in my bones?

I am you and you are me, Mother who provides.

Constantly moving to restore and hold balance.


I am witness to your abundance Dearest Goddess, Beautiful Mother.

I pray in hope for our gratitude you deserve;

That we balance your generosity with our appreciation.

That our love pour out to meet yours in our place of prayer.




…So many people don’t feel Natures’ divine wisdom because it is too simple.

Tune into its presence.

Stop trying, I beseech you.

Long, because longing is Heart and it is deeply in moment.

Feel simplicity. Practice it. Don’t try to expand it or force it.

It is existence in its nucleus.

Anything can be an obstruction to simplicity, so be acceptance, be openness and wonder. Be awareness for sure but don’t grip on to it or analyse it.

Don’t pull it apart.

Disengaging the mind gives room for Heart to breathe simple acceptance.

I deeply encourage us to surrender to Heart’s wisdom of awareness -

that you Mind, can rest from needing to control or understand…

Flower Arrangement 5

…Just because some may hear Nature’s Wisdom in words to be written down, has no bearing what-so-ever on another’s silent depths of attainment, bestowed from simple awareness and gratitude to the Divine Natural World…

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