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I am deeply grateful for the healing treatments I have had with Dawn. Coming from a similar training to hers, I can see that she has her own unique way of working with Plant Spirit Medicine. Her way is quiet and deep. She is very gifted.


I came away from my treatments feeling that a weight had been lifted from my chest. Grief over the loss of my sisters and my parents was gently unlocked and with her help I was able to start working with and transforming those emotions that had been so blocked. I feel lighter physically and emotionally. I am better able to move forward in my life. With great thanks to Dawn.

Anonymous, Co. Mayo

I highly recommend Dawn and Plant Spirit Medicine.

Her gentle and relaxed approach made me immediately feel at ease.

I have had six treatments over a number of weeks and I find a huge improvement in my well-being, happiness and inner calm. My sleeping pattern has also greatly improved.

Dawn is always very professional and passionate about Plant Spirit Medicine and I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Anonymous, Co. Galway

Dear Dawn,

I wish to thank you for the way you have changed my life. I was emotionally and physically drained. Never had a minute’s peace to myself. My health was deteriorating rapidly. I felt I could not carry on with life for much longer.

Once you started your healing on me, I could feel the energy radiate throughout my entire being. I am enjoying life which I had not done for many years. I thank God for you every day.

You have been a blessing from heaven for me. God Bless.

Anonymous, Co. Kerry

Dear Dawn,


I don’t quite have the words; you, your healing gift, the love and generosity, connection and delight that has come to me through your healing  (been feeling really good, deep peace, sparkly joy) is truly awesome, amazing, magical and blessed. And you gave me a super special message that filled my craving for deeper connection and affirmation. Thank you so very much. You are a treasure.

Anonymous, Wales

Hi Dawn,

I am sitting here, elbows on the table, head in hands as I innocently and openly gaze inwards in acknowledgement, gracious acceptance and happiness. Beholding this
Divine actualisation in peace, awe, and gratitude.
Thankyou so much for helping me so much.
Lots of love.

Anonymous, Ireland

Dear Dawn,


I have had two amazing distance healings from Dawn. I’m in such gratitude for her work and presence in the world. The first one, my heart was so broken. I realised my second marriage was over. I was very sick and very drained. I explained my story to Dawn and lay down. Wow! What
happened was like psychic surgery. I felt my heart open up and being surgically mended inside. Stitches and everything. I began to mend. Each day my heart got stronger and I was not in pain. Truly amazing. My first martial split took years of painand suffering – now I can get on with life.

Anonymous, England

I lay down and waves of energy came over me. I felt different
afterwards. My core energy had been boosted so I feel more determined to follow my path of love and compassion for Humanity. I feel stronger from the inside to outside.
I believe Dawn’s work will transform and heal any condition on any level - spirit, mind, emotional and physical.
Wonderful work. 

Anonymous, England

Dawn has a magical gift of holding healing space. I am so grateful for her graceful presence and support in my healing process. Her guidance has been a real gift- she shares grounded wisdom that nourishes the Soul deeply and creates a safe container for growth. Thank you for being my witness and for all the beautiful healing that you’ve brought to my life.

Anonymous, Scotland

Dear Dawn,

Thank you for opening these Sacred Doors in me. For
welcoming the light to enter from the darkness, To emerge;
like a butterfly; to be free, And to walk this path
not so alone, To feel like I was safe to
grow, To be filled with love from the
soul And to return all the parts of me that
were longing to come home.

Anonymous, Scotland

I am beginning to see the relationship between being a people pleaser and my boundaries. I am getting to know what belongs where. This integration is massively
important for my peace of mind. It is your healing work so far that is bringing me to understand and reach this brand new phase of my life. 100,000 million thanks.

Anonymous, Ireland

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